Government of New Brunswick


A Large Building move is defined as the movement of an indivisible building, which exceeds 5.5 m. in width.


The movement of a building from the original foundation to a new location.

Permissible Equipment:
· The unit providing the power for the move must be a licensed and insured road vehicle, i.e. a licensed truck or truck-tractor with sufficient power so as to not unduly delay traffic when the load is being transported.
· Farm tractors, backhoes, forklifts, loaders and any other off-highway machinery will not be allowed for this purpose.
· If the Large Building is transported on a chassis consisting of an assembly of beams and axles that is specifically used to move Large Buildings, this chassis is not considered a vehicle, and therefore does not require a Provincial Motor Vehicle inspection, registration or license. This chassis must be equipped with brakes on all axles; it must have lights and must have a secondary means of attachment to the towing vehicle, such as safety chains, if the connection to the towing vehicle is a ball hitch or a pintle hitch.
· If the Large Building is transported on a trailer that may be normally used to haul items other than a Large Building, that trailer requires a Provincial Motor Vehicle inspection, registration and license.

Maximum dimensions are, at the discretion of the District Engineer, based upon a number of factors including but not restricted to:
· RCMP consultation, the distance of the move and accessibility of pull-off areas to alleviate traffic congestion and to allow the passing of emergency vehicles.
· Interference of adjoining lanes near turns, and swing-out of load at intersections.
· Underpass height, and utility line constraints (power, telephone, cable and any others).

Maximum weight will be dependent on the configuration using the following guidelines:
· The maximum tire loading shall not exceed 10 kg per mm of tire width.
· The maximum weight on a single axle with single tires shall not exceed 6000 kg.
· All other axle weights, spacing and configurations shall be as set out in Regulation 2001-67, Vehicle Dimensions and Mass, Motor Vehicle Act.

Maximum travel distance of Large Building moves within one or more districts is 30 km.


Permits for Large Building moves are issued from the Department District Offices, by the District Engineer. If a Large Building is being moved through more than one district, the originating District Engineer will obtain approval from the other district(s) involved.

To obtain a Large Building move permit, the Large Building Move Application Form must be completed. This form can be obtained by contacting any District Office, the Policy Branch Special Permit Office, or from this Government web site.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Large Building Move (1-7 day trip) CDN2004-07-23
  Overlength or overheight, overwidth up to 4.72m50.002004-07-23
  Overwidth over 4.72m86.002004-07-23