Government of New Brunswick


This program was developed in conjunction with the Early Childhood Development Agenda and is intended to help expectant mothers have healthier babies. Under this program, expectant mothers are provided with financial assistance to encourage a healthy lifestyle, including a wholesome diet.


To be eligible, expectant mothers must:
- Be a resident of NB
- Provide proof of pregnancy
- Net annual family income must be less than $29,000.


This program offers financial aid for expecting mothers to offset the increased cost of food during pregnancy. The benefit may be paid for up to a maximum of six months starting in the fourth month of pregnancy. Clients in receipt of this benefit can automatically start receiving the Postnatal Benefit Program once the newborn baby has been added to the client’s file.

Benefits are determined using a sliding scale base on income with a maximum of $80 per month. Benefits will be paid separately from any other social assistance benefits the expectant mother may be receiving.