Government of New Brunswick


A Scalers Licence is a licence which authorizes a person to scale primary forest products harvested from NB Crown Lands or primary forest products marketed through a Producer Association. Licences will be renewed every five years.


Applicants for Scaler licencing must first submit an application to be examined by the Board of Examiners (Scalers Act). Applicants must have attained the age of 19 years and have two years experience assisting a licenced Scaler or have graduated from a college, technical institute or university in a program of study that in the opinion of the Board provides practical training and instruction equivalent to two years experience in scaling primary forest products. Applicants are examined by the Board of Examiners and recommendations for licensing are forwarded to the Minister.


The Minister may issue Scaler licences as recommended by the Board for general scaling including measuring products by individual units according to procedures established by the Minister and mass scaling. The Minister may also issue Scaler licences specifically for stacked measure in m³(st) or by board feet (NB Log Rule).

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
2011 NR Scalers Licence.pdf


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Licence fee/Licence renewal fee50.002011-09-01