Government of New Brunswick


The objective of the program is to facilitate the evaluation, adaptation, and transfer of innovative crop production technologies, and implements strategic industry initiatives related to growth, competitiveness and sustainable development to the agriculture and agri-food industry. Efforts are focused on encouraging economic competitiveness, innovation and sustainable development in potatoes, field crops, greenhouse crops, field vegetables, nursery and landscape, small fruit crops, tree fruits, apiary and organic sectors.


New Brunswick potato, field crop, greenhouse crop, field vegetable, nursery and landscape, small fruit crops, tree fruits and apiary producers.


The delivery of the crop development program is through state-of-the-art expertise, technology and information to stimulate innovation, strengthen competitiveness and encourage total development of the crop sectors through a core team of Crop Development and Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Specialists. The team of specialists also support and develop opportunities for farmers to improve competitiveness and sustainability through the adoption of innovative Integrated Pest Management Principles for the management of pest populations in an effective, safe, economical and environmentally sound manner and promotes and accelerates the adoption of organic food production within the agriculture sector. Advisory services include technical agronomic information and training and diagnostic lab services. Staff work directly with various levels of industry (producers, associations, councils, and agencies) to promote the development in priority sectors that are strategic on a provincial basis.

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