Government of New Brunswick


Routine immunization services are available at Public Health offices and from medical and nurse practitioners. Public Health nurses provide routine immunizations for children and adolescents at pediatric immunization clinics and through school-based immunization programs. Parents of adolescents who are not enrolled in a public school may contact their local Public Health office for further information.


Routine immunizations are publicly funded vaccines provided by this department at no cost to eligible infants, children, adolescents and adults. It is important that all individuals who are at increased risk of serious illness from vaccine preventable diseases be immunized.


Immunization is a process that helps the body fight off diseases caused by certain viruses and bacteria. It is important for everyone to be immunized so that they and the community are protected against many vaccine preventable diseases that may cause serious illness, disability or death.

Some immunizations do not protect against the disease for life; examples - tetanus, whooping cough and influenza. Therefore additional doses are recommended to make sure ongoing protection against these diseases is maintained.

While immunization is encouraged, it is not mandatory. When your child enters a New Brunswick school for the first time, you are required under the Education Act and the Public Health Act to provide proof of immunization. Proof of immunization is also required for children who attend a day care center. The law allows parent/s or legal guardian(s) to refuse immunization based on medical reasons or for reasons of religious belief or conscience. An exemption form is available from your local Public Health office.

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