Government of New Brunswick


Publicly funded influenza vaccine is provided to all New Brunswick residents aged 6 months and older. In anticipation of the 2023-2024 influenza season, the Department of Health will be offering a Universal seasonal Influenza vaccine program.

Influenza vaccine is usually given during the fall and can take up to two weeks before the vaccine provides protection against influenza.


Seasonal influenza vaccine is available free of charge to all New Brunswick residents aged 6 months and older.

Out-of-province students can get their flu shots through student health services at their respective post-secondary institutions. New residents and non-residents without a Medicare card can get flu shots free of charge from a pharmacist.

NB residents 65 years and older are eligible to receive a high dose influenza vaccine which is intended to give seniors a stronger immune response, and therefore, better protection against influenza.

This year, the province is introducing an intranasal influenza vaccine FluMist® Quadrivalent as an alternative to the traditional needle-based influenza vaccine. This vaccine is designed for individuals ranging in age from two to 17 years old who have fear of needles. Flumist provides the same level of protection against influenza as the injectable vaccine


Where to get the vaccine

You will find a location near you that offers the vaccine, including a Public Health Offices for children between the ages of six months to 59 months, a local pharmacy, your family physicians,nurse practitioners, midwives and other health care providers. Vaccines are also distributed onsite for long-term care residents (anyone living in a nursing home or an adult residential facility).

Pharmacists will be providing immunization to individuals in the following group:
• adults (including pregnant women and Aboriginal people) and children 2 years and older
(including FluMist to children 2 years to 17 years of age).

Midwives will be providing immunization to individuals in the following group:
• pregnant women.

Some workplaces, including the Government of New Brunswick, will provide influenza
immunization clinics for staff. Please verify with your employer to see if a vaccine clinic will be made available on location at your work site.

For more information regarding publicly funded influenza vaccines, please consult with your health care provider or contact your local Public Health Office, or your local pharmacy. Visit Influenza in New Brunswick ( for more information.