Government of New Brunswick


The Department believes that developing children need continuity, security and stability in their relationships with their parent. When the parents cannot fulfill this responsibility, Child Protection Services will offer services to help them adequately carry out their responsibilities. If these services do not enable the parents to fulfill their responsibilities, an out-of-home placement for the child, either on a temporary or permanent basis, must be considered. Decisions are based on what is in the best interests of the child.


Any child under age 19, whose care at home is deemed to place the child's security and development in danger, in accordance with the Family Services Act.


The department may enter into an agreement with the parents, or request of the Court that the child be placed in the care and custody of the Minister of the department.

The primary objective of child-in-care services is to provide a safe and secure environment where children who have to be separated from their natural families are supported to reach their potential.

The alternate family living environment may be a foster home, group home or a more specialized setting.

The child-in-care has the right to:

- be protected against neglect, abuse and exploitation;
- a safe, nurturing and protected environment;
- health care and an education that prepares for the future;
- have his/her wishes taken into consideration;
- access to a social worker;
- have his/her religious beliefs respected and be given the opportunity to attend religious services of his faith;
- have his/her cultural heritage respected and be provided opportunities to participate in culturally appropriate activities;
- prepared for independence and be provided the opportunity to develop the necessary skills to be self-sufficient for the responsibilities of adulthood;
- maintain relationships with people who are important to him/her;
- safe, nurturing relationships intended to last a lifetime.

It is the department's belief that every child has the right to be a member of a permanent family.