Government of New Brunswick


Foster families are volunteers who are trained to provide a family home environment for children in the care of the Minister when they are unable to remain with their natural families.


Basic eligibility criteria includes: at least 19 years of age, in good physical/mental health, pass a criminal record check, no prior involvement as a protection client with the department, financially self-reliant, if a couple, must have cohabited for more than one year prior to applying, must have the space in your home to accommodate additional children. Further assessment is done on your parenting skills, interpersonal skills and family dynamics.


Foster families are volunteers who are approved by the Minister after completing a 27 hour pre-service training and family assessment.

The foster family works with the Children's Residential Services social worker assigned to them to plan further training or development needs through a Family Development Plan. They also work with the child's social worker from the Child in Care or Child Protection or Community-Based Services for Children with Special Needs programs as well as the biological parents.

Foster families are monitored to ensure that they meet the requirements of the Family Services Act and the Family Foster Care Standards.

Due to the needs of children coming into care of the minister, some families are designated as therapeutic homes, special needs homes or homes for youth who are open custody in the justice system. These families will require specialized training to serve the children in their care.

For more information on becoming a foster family, contact your local office of this department.