FREDERICTON (GNB) – Campgrounds and other social venues will remain closed until further notice, in keeping with the revised and renewed state of emergency mandatory order on COVID-19 issued today by the provincial government.

“These seasonal operations often involve socializing in large crowds as part of the experience and we cannot have that right now,” said Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister Bruce Fitch. “To be clear, this does not mean campgrounds are closed for the season. We will revisit the decision regularly.”

Moreover, owners and managers of premises that permit the seasonal docking of multiple recreational vessels must either prohibit docking or, if they permit docking, take every reasonable step to ensure minimal interaction of people within two metres of each other, other than people who reside together.

“We understand the importance of the tourism industry to the economy of all regions of the province and the serious concerns that COVID-19 is creating about the future of the next tourism season,” said Fitch. “It is too early to know the complete picture of the potential impact of the COVID-19 crisis on the next tourism season. But the province is working diligently with all partners, including the federal government, to ensure that permanent and seasonal workers who are affected will be able to access appropriate assistance.”