FREDERICTON (GNB) – The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development released today home learning plans and resources for families to support the continuity of learning while schools remain closed to students.

Unless the situation drastically improves, schools will not be reopened to students and the school calendar will not be extended.

“We understand families have been anxiously awaiting more information on how we will support students during this uncertain time,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Dominic Cardy. “While our immediate concern continues to be public health and safety, we are committed to helping students continue their education while school facilities are closed. In response, we have developed a plan to continue to deliver education to students.”

Anglophone and francophone sectors have each developed a delivery plan and supporting materials that reflect their unique approaches and correspond with their curricular outcomes.

Students between kindergarten and Grade 12 will be asked to dedicate between an hour to two and a half hours a day to completing home learning options, depending upon their grade level. In addition, students of all ages are encouraged to read for a minimum of 30 minutes daily (as a family, aloud or silently depending upon grade level) and engage in 30 minutes of physical activity daily.

“We understand each family has a different home environment,” said Cardy. “While parents will have a key responsibility to encourage students to complete the provided material and continue learning, it is important that families understand we are not asking them to recreate a classroom in their home or take on the full role of a teacher.”

In the coming days, schools in both sectors will be in contact with families to share home learning options. Educational resources for students in the anglophone sector will also be shared on the newly-established New Brunswick Family Resources website. Francophone school districts are in the process of developing their own website and more information will be available in the coming days.

Educators will be contacting families weekly and teachers will participate in the development of home learning options, as well as preparing for the eventual return of students to the classroom.

Graduation and grade advancement

All Grade 12 students who, as of January 2020, were on track to graduate in June 2020 will graduate on time and receive a New Brunswick high school diploma. Decisions on graduation ceremonies and other graduation events will be made in the coming weeks, based on direction from the Office of the Chief Medical Officer of Health. The government will work with post-secondary institutions to ensure this crisis does not prevent students from being eligible for admission to post-secondary studies in the upcoming school year.

All students who were positioned to continue to the next grade level for the 2020-21 school year in January 2020 will do so.

More information on assessments, report cards and delivery plan outlines are available in the continuity of learning plans for the anglophone and francophone sectors.