SAINT JOHN (GNB) – Progress on bringing Canada's first small modular reactor to market by ARC Nuclear Canada Inc. continues in New Brunswick, Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland announced today.

The goal of small modular reactor technology is to generate clean and low-cost energy for both on-grid and off-grid communities, connect more remote and rural areas, and benefit energy-intensive industries by providing a low-carbon, stable energy source. Additionally, as this technology is further adopted across Canada and around the world it could drive economic growth and export opportunities.

“As we strive to energize the private sector, our government recognizes the significant benefit that technology development can bring to the province,” said Holland. “New Brunswick, and companies such as ARC Canada, is leading the way in the exploration of small modular reactors in Canada, and we are well positioned to be a world leader. We are also poised to be a key component in this potentially worldwide supply chain.”

The company is working to commercialize a small modular reactor that provides safe, reliable, economically competitive and carbon-free energy with a viable solution to used fuel. The company recently successfully completed the first phase of the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission Vendor Design Review for its ARC-100 advanced small modular reactor.

“The Government of New Brunswick is clearly demonstrating leadership to address climate change goals,” said Norman J.D. Sawyer, company president and CEO. “ARC Canada is honoured to be working in collaboration with the province to develop our proven technology as we continue our path forward with the added benefit of economic growth.”

Holland said the Point Lepreau Nuclear Generating Station is an attractive location for a commercial demonstration of small modular reactor technology. As an experienced nuclear operator with an excellent safety record, the site can accommodate at least two demonstration reactors, he said.

Earlier this month New Brunswick signed a memorandum of understanding with Ontario and Saskatchewan to collaborate on the development of small modular reactors in Canada.

Energizing the private sector is one of the government’s key priorities. More information about the government’s priorities and measurements is available online.