FREDERICTON (GNB) – NB Power has launched the New Home Energy Savings Program to help New Brunswickers who are building a new home get up to $10,000 in incentives for making it energy efficient during construction.

“The New Home Energy Savings Program will allow New Brunswickers who build a new home to build it in an efficient manner in order to save money,” said NB Power president and CEO Gaëtan Thomas. “Energy efficiency is a win-win-win as it is good for homeowners, for NB Power, for the environment as well as the economy.”

Through the program, the homebuyer or the builder gets custom recommendations on building plans in order to enjoy comfort, peace-of-mind and long-term savings with an energy efficient home.

“Integrating energy efficiency in the construction of a new home not only ensures that savings and comfort are built into the home, but it also contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the creation of green jobs,” Thomas said.

The program is performance-based and encourages builders and homebuyers to reduce their energy consumption by going beyond the minimums prescribed in the National Building Code.

The program offers three incentive levels to which the new homes can be modelled. With each level, the efficiency and incentive are higher. A net zero home represents the highest level and gets the biggest incentive.

More information on the program and how to participate is available online.

The new program is part of the most comprehensive suite of energy efficiency programs and initiatives ever offered by NB Power for homeowners and businesses.