TRACADIE (GNB) – Grade 7 students in four francophone schools will have the opportunity to learn coding through a pilot project in partnership with EduCode Canada Inc.

“We understand that preparing students for a knowledge-based economy is important, and it is a focus of our 10-year education plans,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Brian Kenny. “Education, especially in emerging technological fields such as coding, is crucial to our economy and to the health of our families.”

Schools taking part in the pilot are:

  • École Écho-Jeunesse, Kedgwick
  • Place-des-Jeunes, Bathurst
  • École Le Tremplin, Tracadie
  • École Sainte-Anne, Fredericton

Beginning Monday, May 15, students will participate in coding activities for 60 minutes per week for four weeks. The web-based platform allows students to work at their own pace and is designed to get students interested in coding. The program offers a split-screen view that presents the instructions, as well as the hands-on exercise. Teachers from each school will be trained by EduCode so they can support students.

EduCode Canada Inc. is a Moncton-based company dedicated to teaching youth about coding. It developed the platform to help students learn coding from an early age.

“EduCode Canada Inc. was created to build a bridge for all students, to help them go from a consumer of technology to understanding and becoming the creator of that technology,” said company founder and CEO Guyverson Vernous. “We are pleased to partner with these schools to offer students the opportunity to learn about coding.”

The government’s 10-year education plans aim to improve educational outcomes and better prepare young people for the future. They set objectives in priority areas to create lifelong learners, support educational leaders and bring stability to the system. The francophone plan includes an objective to provide learning opportunities that prepare students for their careers.

This announcement supports the activities of Innovation Week, May 4-12. This week is dedicated to celebrating innovation in New Brunswick and providing companies the opportunity to meet with government officials and pitch their ideas. The government is investing more than $160 million over the next four years to foster innovation and boost research and development in the province.

Details of events and activities being held during Innovation Week are available online.