FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government has launched a new mobile radio communication system that will improve communications among first responders and other users.

Municipal police forces, volunteer fire departments, paramedics, school bus drivers and snow plow operators will be among the 3,400 users of the New Brunswick Trunked Mobile Radio system.

“This is an investment for all New Brunswickers, especially the people working at any hour and in any condition to protect us,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser. “Providing first responders and public sector workers with the ability to interact during times of emergency will lead to a better response and better outcomes for New Brunswickers. Our government is fostering the conditions to grow the economy, maintain and create jobs and help New Brunswick families. Investing in the safety of communities around the province through this system is one more way we are doing so.”

The government partnered with Bell Mobility, which is using a combination of government and new and existing Bell Mobility towers for the system. The company is supplying, installing and configuring network and user equipment, as well as supporting the development of courseware and training for radio technicians.

The New Brunswick Trunked Mobile Radio system replaces the 30-year-old system that lacked coverage in some areas of the province and did not allow for different agencies to communicate during emergencies.

“We are proud to partner with the Government of New Brunswick to build this state-of-the-art infrastructure and deliver improved mobile communications for first responders here,” said Gary Semplonius, vice-president business sales and marketing for Bell Mobility. “With similar government partnerships in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, our new system will provide Maritimes-wide connections that enable first responders and public sector users to communicate across all three provinces.”

The new system was adopted in partnership with municipalities, allowing all partners to share the advantages of a common investment.