ST. STEPHEN (GNB) – The provincial government announced today that St. Stephen will be the location of a new centralized Provincial Land Registration Office for registration of paper documents and plans.

“We are listening to New Brunswickers and know they want a more efficient government focused on the economy,” said Service New Brunswick Minister Ed Doherty. “Centralizing the land registration offices complements our commitment to eliminating duplication by streamlining common functions across the government.”

The 13 existing county-based land registration locations will be amalgamated into one centralized office. Implementation will begin over the next six months and, once completed, the change is expected to reduce expenditures by about $2 million, improving operations and service standards.

The centralized office will create six new jobs in St. Stephen in the areas of management, administration and back office processing.

“We know how important job creation is to New Brunswickers and their families,” said Doherty. “With the new centralized land registration office, we are creating jobs in St. Stephen.”

Clients will still be able to access Land Information Services in 13 of the 32 Service New Brunswick centres across the province. Registration of paper documents and plans will need to be submitted at the new centralized location in St. Stephen.

Modernization over the last eight years has enabled many land registration documents to be submitted electronically. Service New Brunswick is working on improvements that will one day allow for all documents to be submitted electronically.