TRACADIE (GNB) – The regional municipality of Grand Tracadie-Sheila will have its name changed to Tracadie.

“Our government is proud to proceed with a request submitted by the regional municipality regarding the name,” said Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Serge Rousselle. “The choice of the name Tracadie is reflective of the primary historical identity of the area as well as the name of the two main rivers that flow through the municipality.”

Rousselle made the announcement on behalf of Environment and Local Government Minister Brian Kenny.

Grand Tracadie-Sheila was the name initially given to the regional municipality upon its incorporation with the understanding that the new regional municipal council would consider a name for the long term.

The name change required an amendment to a regulation under the Municipalities Act.

Rousselle also announced investments in infrastructure and community environmental projects on behalf of Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Roger Melanson and Environment and Local Government Minister Brian Kenny.

The provincial government will invest close to $1 million this year, and the same amount is planned for next year, to enlarge and pave 1.5 km from Boudreau Street to McGraw Lane, on Principale Street.

This funding is being provided through the municipal designated highway program. The provincial government has increased funding for this program by $16.2 million for a total of $25 million in 2015-16.

“Our government is committed to creating jobs,” said Rousselle. “The increase in funding for this program will help with much-needed infrastructure upgrades in cities, towns and villages while creating jobs across the province.”

In addition to the investment under the provincially-designated highway program, the following six environmental projects received more than $109,000 in funding under the Environmental Trust Fund:

  • Association des Bassins Versants de la Grande et Petite Tracadie River will undertake an educational campaign and measures aimed at improving water quality within its watershed ($10,000) and will carry out an assessment of the riparian zone of the Petite Tracadie River and a section of Tracadie Bay ($40,000);
  • Société des Estuaires et du Littoral will educate coastal residents about the implications of climate change ($35,000);
  • the Regional Municipality of Tracadie will promote the importance of a clean community for its residents ($15,000);
  • Nature NB – Species at Risk will raise awareness for the protection of beaches and dunes on the Acadian Peninsula ($7,795); and,
  • École La Source will participate in the Fish Friends program ($2,000).

The fund provides assistance to community groups, organizations, municipalities and institutions for projects that produce tangible, measurable benefits to the environment.

More information, including the list of approved projects and initiatives, is available on the Department of Environment and Local Government’s website.