FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government will create a front-line medical advisory committee to provide advice and perspective on a variety of health-care topics.

“We are a creating a forum for front-line health-care professionals and patient advisors to improve collaboration and patient outcomes within our health-care system,” said Health Minister Victor Boudreau.

The Department of Health will host at least two forums a year to discuss specific health-care topics or themes. Health-care professionals will be sought through professional associations based on the themes or topics. Regional health authorities will be asked to assist in identifying interested patient advisors for the forums.

“We are fulfilling our commitment to create this advisory committee to help improve our health-care system and ensure New Brunswick is the best place to raise a family,” said Boudreau.

The Department of Health is contacting professional associations and the regional health authorities to identify forum members to participate in the first session slated for May.