PERTH-ANDOVER (GNB) – Plans to repair and upgrade the Tobique River Bridge #1, located on Route 105 in Perth-Andover, have been postponed until 2014. The project was originally scheduled to start in June.

"This is a complex rehabilitation project due to the dam and power plant at the bridge,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Claude Williams. "Because of the time required for tendering and supplying materials, the work schedule for this year could extend into the fall and winter. Therefore, the best option is to postpone the project until the next construction season. Postponing the project also gives the community more time to prepare for the required summer closure of the bridge.”

The department is conducting another safety inspection of the bridge to determine if any weight restrictions need to be imposed until the repairs are made due to further deterioration.

"We are continuing to inspect and monitor the condition of the bridge and may need to impose weight restrictions for heavy vehicles in the future," Williams said.

Tobique River Bridge #1 currently has an allowable weight of 43.5 tonnes. Built in 1952, the two-lane bridge is 258 (846 feet) metres long.