HALIFAX, N.S. (CNB) – Specific achievements – such as the renewal of grades 7, 8 and 9 English language arts curriculum, standards of practice for educational leaders, new curriculum for grades 3 and 4 social studies and the adult literacy campaign – are the highlights contained in the Progress Report on Literacy 2010.

The Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training released the report today. It is available online.

The report also includes key regional and provincial literacy initiatives undertaken to support and improve literacy in the Atlantic provinces in the areas of early childhood, public and adult and post-secondary education.

The Progress Report on Literacy 2010 follows Literacy: Key to Learning and Path to Prosperity – An Action Plan for Atlantic Canada, 2009-2014, and represents the ministers’ commitment to report publicly on regional and provincial literacy initiatives.

Highlights of today’s report include:

●    in the area of early childhood literacy, the departments of education, health and social services/development have been working collaboratively to identify gaps, interventions and strategies, and conducted research on best practices in early childhood/family literacy;

●    increasing the professional knowledge and skills in teaching literacy for all educators has been a priority for the public education systems. Initiatives to improve the literacy learning outcomes for all students, enhancements of curriculum, the identification of literacy teaching standards for all grades and initiatives in educational leadership have been undertaken; and

●    in November 2010, the ministers launched the Atlantic Adult Literacy Campaign, Literacy: It means more than you think. The campaign aims at creating an awareness about literacy that goes beyond reading and writing.

The Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training is an agency of the Council of Atlantic Premiers. Its purpose is to improve co-operation in public (entry to Grade 12) and post-secondary education in Atlantic Canada by working together to improve learning, optimize efficiencies, and bring added value to provincial initiatives.


●    Council of Atlantic Ministers of Education and Training: www.camet-camef.ca