MONCTON (CNB) - The provincial government is making an investment of $150,000 toward a new transitional housing facility to serve youth-at-risk in Greater Moncton.

"Today's investment will help establish a new facility to allow at-risk youth in Greater Moncton to obtain programs to learn to become self-sufficient," said Health Minister Michael Murphy, speaking on behalf of Finance Minister Victor Boudreau, minister responsible for the Regional Development Corporation.

Joining Murphy for the announcement were Bob Rochon, president of the board of directors for Moncton Youth Residences; Mel Kennah, executive director of Moncton Youth Residences Inc.; and James McKenna, chair of the Address of Change campaign.

The Address of Change is the capital fund-raising campaign aimed at raising a total of $720,000 toward the new transitional housing facility, being operated by Moncton Youth Residences.

"We are truly grateful for today's investment by the Province of New Brunswick to kick-start our Address of Change campaign," said McKenna. "This facility will help at-risk youth and ensure this program becomes sustainable in the long term."

The transitional housing program operated by Moncton Youth Residences provides a stable, safe and independent environment to potential at-risk youth between the ages of 16 and 20. These youth are taught life skills to become self-sufficient.

Those skills include nutrition, budgeting, cooking, cleaning, and social and life skills, decision-making, self-esteem, anger management, peer relations, physical fitness and communication.

The program will be delivered at a facility on MacBeath Avenue. The number of available beds will increase to eight from six.

Moncton Youth Residences, a charitable organization, provides care and guidance to youth between the ages of 10 and 24 who have social, emotional and behavioural problems.