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The mandate of the Arts and Cultural Industries Branch, as it relates to the film industry, is to support a viable and culturally significant film industry in New Brunswick. To this end, the goals of the Film and Television Program are:
1. To foster the stability and success of the film industry;
2. To support the maintenance and creation of jobs, the attraction of external investment, the contribution to the GDP and tax revenue;
3. To maximize leverage opportunities; and,
4. To positively impact the public good in areas such as enhancing cultural identity and awareness, improving quality of life, retaining youth and diversifying the economy.

Submission Deadline:
For the 2017-2018 fiscal year: all projects must be submitted to THC by May 31, 2018. If budget permits, a second intake of applications will be announced in the fall of 2018.


• Television movies, documentaries, feature films, dramatic TV series, variety and captations, animation, children’s programming. reality and lifestyle series, educational, experimental and non-theatrical genres;
• Projects submitted to the program must be undertaken in the current fiscal year. Projects slated for production in future years will not be accepted and will need to be re-submitted in the appropriate fiscal year.


To support the industry with their production projects, the province offers:

A Labour-Based Incentive equal to a maximum of 40% of eligible salaries paid to New Brunswick residents. Eligible salaries and wages cannot exceed 50% of the eligible costs of production.


An All-Spend Incentive equal to a maximum of 25% of all New Brunswick expenditures for variety and service productions, or to a maximum 30% of all New Brunswick expenditures for New Brunswick based productions or co-productions.

Eligible expenditures include NB Labour, NB service contract expenditures, and NB expenditures for the rental or acquisition of related materials. Interpretation of the eligibility of these expenses is at the sole discretion of THC.

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