Government of New Brunswick


The mandate of the Arts and Cultural Industries Branch, as it relates to the film industry, is to support a viable and culturally significant film industry in New Brunswick. To this end, the goals of the Film and Television Program are:
1. To foster the stability and success of the film industry;
2. To support the maintenance and creation of jobs, the attraction of external investment, the contribution to the GDP and tax revenue;
3. To maximize leverage opportunities; and,
4. To positively impact the public good in areas such as enhancing cultural identity and awareness, improving quality of life, retaining youth and diversifying the economy.


Television movies, feature films, dramatic TV series, documentaries, reality and lifestyle series, non-animated children’s programming.


The Development Incentive provides funds in the form of a repayable advance to support the development of projects that have already secured intent or commitment from a broadcaster, funding agency and/or third party financing.

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