Government of New Brunswick


This program funds selected projects in the areas of professional development and organizational development that will enable institutions to offer training for their staff, board members and volunteers.


Applications under this program are limited to non-profit museum and heritage organizations based in New Brunswick and incorporated under the Companies Act.


• The Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is subject to the Right to Information Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act;
• The applicant hereby acknowledges and agrees that, if awarded a grant, the name of the grant recipient, the recipient’s community, the program name, and the amount of the grant, will be published by the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture on the Government of New Brunswick web site and in the Department’s Annual Report.


This two-part program is available for:

Part 1: Professional Development
Increase opportunities for museum and heritage organizations to enhance the professional skills of their employees, board members and volunteers.

Part 2: Organizational Development
Enhance the efficiency of boards of organizations working in the heritage sector so that they can better fulfill their mandate.
• Encourage the development of organizations working in the heritage and museum sector;
• Assist with projects aimed at improving the financial stability of the organizations.

Organizations wishing to apply under either part of the program may do so at any time throughout the year. An application form should be completed and all supporting documentation included.

Level of Funding:
The financial contribution may attain 100% of eligible costs, to a maximum of $1,000 per institutional application.

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