Government of New Brunswick


The New Brunswick Athlete Assistance Program (NBAAP) is a sport funding program that provides direct financial assistance to New Brunswick high-performance athletes who have achieved significant results at the national and/or international level, or have demonstrated a strong potential to earn a spot on a junior or senior national team.


To be eligible to be considered for support through the NBAAP, an athlete must:

• be a member in good standing with a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO);
• be actively competing in national and/or international competitions;
• be participating in a year-round competitive and training program;
• be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada;
• be a New Brunswick athlete*.

*A New Brunswick athlete is defined as someone who is registered with a Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) in New Brunswick, who has been training in the province of New Brunswick for at least 8 months and who is actively representing New Brunswick at national and/or international competitions. If there is no PSO in New Brunswick, the athlete must be registered with a National Sport Organization (NSO).

Consideration will be given to athletes training outside the province for academic or athletic reasons if the athlete can demonstrate strong ties to the province of New Brunswick (e.g., born in NB, lived a considerable amount of time in NB, primary residence in NB, parent/guardian(s) still live in NB, unable to receive the required level of training in NB, etc.). These athletes must not have made another province or territory their permanent residence and must be supported by their Provincial Sport Organization (PSO).


The New Brunswick Athlete Assistance Program (NBAAP) recognizes the significant commitment associated with the pursuit of excellence and seeks to relieve some of the financial pressures associated with preparing for, and participating in high-performance sport.

Funding is provided by the Sport and Recreation Branch of the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture. The delivery of the program is based on a partnership with the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic and relies heavily on input from national and provincial sport organizations.

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