FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government today released the artsVest program results for 2017-18.

“Actively supporting New Brunswick’s arts organizations is an important step towards maximizing the value of the cultural sector for the province,” said Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister John Ames. “We are pleased with the results from our partnership and investment in artsVest and its ability to connect artists in the province to the private sector through training workshops, webinars, branding tutorials and a resource bank to the benefit of all parties involved.”

ArtsVest New Brunswick is a sponsorship training program, administered by Business for the Arts, a national organization supporting the fusion of business and arts throughout the country. Supported by the provincial government and the Canada Cultural Investment Fund of Canadian Heritage, the program matches sponsorship dollars up to a predetermined amount.

“New Brunswick’s arts community has shown outstanding entrepreneurialism in seizing the artsVest matching grant opportunity and putting our sponsorship training into action in building strong funding relationships with the business community,” said Nichole Anderson, CEO of Business for the Arts. “It is exciting to see the arts flourish in communities across the province through this collaboration between government, business and the arts sector.”

In 2017, the first year for artsVest in New Brunswick, 26 different arts organizations participated in the program resulting in 53 business partnerships and a $2.36 return on every dollar invested by the government.

“The arts and culture sector is critical to New Brunswick’s economy,” said Ames. “We look forward to the results for the following year and the integration of heritage partners into the program.”

More information on Business for the Arts and the artsVest program is available online.