MCADAM (GNB) – An investment of nearly $400,000 is being made in the historic McAdam Railway Station.

During its heyday, the station provided services to more than 15 passenger trains a day and the lunch counter served about 1,200 meals a day. Today, the revitalization of the station has become an important tourist heritage attraction for the area.

“This investment is especially significant during Canada 150 as the McAdam Railway Station played an important role in the development of Canada as a nation,” said Tourism, Heritage and Culture Minister John Ames. “Thanks to a strong commitment from the community and partnerships between different levels of government, this impressive building continues to draw visitors to this area and contribute to our tourism sector.”

Built in 1900, the McAdam Railway Station is a National and Provincial Historic site and a designated Heritage Railway Station. Located on the New Brunswick-Maine border, it was commissioned by Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) president, Sir William Van Horne and was part of the main CPR line into Atlantic Canada.

Parks Canada will invest $195,805 through the National Cost-Sharing Program for Heritage Places. The program ensures the protection of national historic sites, heritage lighthouses and railway stations. The McAdam Historical Restoration Commission, which operates and manages the station, is contributing $165,805.

“Our government has taken a leadership role in the protection and promotion of the region’s invaluable and irreplaceable heritage such as the McAdam Railway Station, said New Brunswick Southwest MP Karen Ludwig. “This new funding will ensure the preservation of one of New Brunswick’s treasured heritage places for future generations and help foster a healthy local economy and thriving tourism industry.”

As part of the Built Heritage Program, the provincial government is contributing $30,000 towards the restoration of the roof and the shed dormers. The Built Heritage Program is directed at conservation-related aspects of rehabilitation projects for heritage buildings and landscapes that are owned or controlled by not-for-profit organizations or municipalities. The McAdam Train Station has also received funding from the program in the past for work on its windows and dormers.

“The McAdam Historical Restoration Commission appreciates the generosity and financial assistance of Parks Canada and the Province of New Brunswick with the necessary repairs and restoration at the McAdam Railway Station,” said Elsie Carroll, commission president. “This National and Provincial Historic Site is an icon of Canadian history representing the building of our nation.

The McAdam Railway Station is an active museum offering tours, catered meals, and conference facilities.