Government of New Brunswick


Fostering vibrant communities through strategic community investments


The fund is available to:

● Not-for-profit incorporated organizations; and
● Municipalities, Regional Service Commissions and First Nations

Note: Funding under this program will be provided to the owner of the asset.

Applications will be evaluated against the following eligibility and assessment criteria:

The project benefits

● The proposed project benefits, and their value to the province / region

The project viability

● The likelihood that the proposed project can be realized / completed as proposed

The project sustainability

● The probabilities that the project or the intended effects of the project can be maintained once it has been completed

The applicant viability

● The state of the operational and financial stability of the applicant

The applicant capacity

● The management and financial capacity of the client to meet costs associated with the delivery of the project.

All proposal submitted for assessment are subject to applicable environmental assessment requirements and to the GNB duty to consult policy where applicable.

The amount of detail and supporting evidence to be provided in an application will be relative to the size, complexity and funding amount requested. Due to limited resources however, not all projects meeting eligibility criteria will necessarily be approved.


The Community Development Fund recognizes the important contribution communities make to New Brunswick’s economy and quality of life.

The Community Development Fund aims to help foster vibrant communities by providing assistance to:

● Community capital projects;
● National cultural or sporting events;
● Projects assisting in the establishment and development of facilities relating to tourism and recreation; and
● Municipal projects that are regionally focused

The Regional Development Corporation will be responsible for the overall management of the CDF.

All funding applications under the CDF will be received, assessed, and evaluated by the Regional Development Corporation. The President of the Regional Development Corporation will have authority to approve funding for projects. 

Contact Information:
(506) 453-2277

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