Government of New Brunswick


Registration serves as a unique identifier for an off-road vehicle and is required for all types of off-road vehicles under the Off-Road Vehicle Act.


All off-road vehicles must be registered each year and display a valid licence plate.

Always remember to carry your current registration card, or a photocopy, with you when operating your off-road vehicle.


Complete the form Application for Vehicle Registration and bring it in to a Service New Brunswick (SNB) office for processing. Transfers, renewals, replacement of certificates or decals, record searches and record copies can also be provided at SNB offices. Off-road vehicles must be registered annually and the fee is the same as the initial registration.

Changes To Fees

This document provides the rationale supporting changes to fees, associated revenue information, and the legal authority:
2009 PS Registration of off road plate.pdf


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Dirt bikes16.002003-01-01
Registration of a dune buggy or an amphibious machine16.002003-01-01
Registration of ATVs and snowmobiles 41.002003-01-01
Off Road Vehicle Registration Plate25.002009-04-01
Transfer of ownership20.002009-04-01
Replacement of a registration certificate or decal of an off-road vehicle20.002009-04-01
Replacement of a number plate of an off-road vehicle (Under Financial Administration Act)25.002009-04-01
Search of a record of the Division relating to an off-road vehicle8.002003-01-01
Fee for providing a certified copy of a record of the Division relating to an off-road vehicle8.002003-01-01