Government of New Brunswick

All owners of a residence or business in the province must display their civic address number in a way that is clearly visible from the main roadway leading to the home or business. It is important to always display a valid civic address number, so emergency service providers can find the address quickly in an emergency.

Guidelines for displaying a civic number

Your civic number should be easy to see from the road.

  • It should be posted in a high position with year-round visibility.

  • The number should be in a colour that contrasts with the building, mailbox or signpost (e.g. black on white, not gold on beige).

  • Reflective numbers or blue plates are best. (Blue plates are bright blue civic number plates with reflective white numbers.)

  • Use your mailbox only if it is on the same side of the road as your home.

  • The civic number should be big enough to see from the road, preferably in a location that is visible to vehicle traveling in either direction.

    • If the number is located on a signpost or a building within 15 metres (49 feet) from the roadway, it should be at least 65 millimetres (2.5 inches) in height.

    • If the number is located on a building 15 metres or farther from the roadway, it should be not less than 100 millimetres (4 inches) in height.

  • If the number is on a signpost, the post should be placed where the driveway meets the road.

  • Never attach a civic number to road signs, telephone or “hydro” poles.

  • Ensure it contains clear numbers, not words or Roman numerals (e.g., 12, not XII or Twelve).


Where do I get blue plates?

Blue plates are available from a number of suppliers in the province. Please contact your municipality or the NB 9-1-1 Bureau toll free at 1-888-353-4444, or by email at [email protected], to find a supplier near you.

Except in cases where the NB 9-1-1 Bureau has initiated an address change, we do not provide or replace blue plates.