FREDERICTON (GNB) – Chief Coroner Jérôme Ouellette announced that an inquest into the death of Chantel Moore of Edmundston has been scheduled to begin Dec. 6, 2021 in the Edmundston region.

Moore died on June 4, 2020, outside her residence during an intervention by a member of the Edmundston Police Force.

The exact location of the inquest and the presiding coroner will be announced at a later date.

At the inquest, the presiding coroner and a jury will publicly hear evidence from witnesses to determine the facts surrounding this death. The jury will have the opportunity to make recommendations aimed at preventing deaths under similar circumstances in the future.

An inquest is a formal court proceeding that allows for the public presentation of all evidence relating to a death. The Coroner Service is an independent fact-finding agency that does not make any finding of legal responsibility nor does it assign blame.