FREDERICTON (GNB) – Amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act that would allow ride-sharing services to operate in the province have been introduced in the legislative assembly.

The amendments define ride-sharing and, as it does for taxis, the legislation sets the standard for drivers and vehicles. Local governments would be required to create bylaws that set parameters for vehicle-for-hire services.

“Ride sharing will provide New Brunswickers more choices and flexibility in accessing transportation,” said Justice and Public Safety Minister Hugh J. Flemming. “The legislation we have brought forth will provide for a fair, safe and comprehensive ride -sharing system that could benefit communities in every part of the province.”

The amendments to the act would authorize the activity, but a vehicle-for-hire service will only be able to operate where a local government has enacted a bylaw. Drivers and services will need to meet the requirements of these local bylaws.

Under the amendments, ride-share drivers will need to:

  • undergo a check of their driving record;
  • upgrade to a Class 4 licence, the provisions of which include providing a medical fitness report; and
  • have a clean driver’s abstract.

Drivers must work through a ride-sharing company authorized by a local government or municipality.

Vehicles used for ride-share services will require an annual inspection.

Other requirements, such as a criminal-records check and insurance requirements beyond what is required under the act, may be set out in a local bylaw.