MONCTON (GNB) – Premier David Alward issued the following statement regarding the successful resolution of the manhunt in Moncton.

These events have been among the most shocking and heart-wrenching moments in my service as premier.

To the families, friends, and colleagues of the fallen officers, although we cannot know the full impact of your suffering, your fellow New Brunswickers share the horror and pain.

You are not alone in your grief - our hearts, minds and prayers are with you during the difficult days ahead.

God bless these three brave souls.

Our hearts are also with the two officers who were wounded and are now recovering.

To the members of the RCMP who through their grief have continued to act with incredible professionalism and purpose to resolve the situation and protect the people of Moncton, we are thankful for your remarkable courage and resiliency.

We must remember the officers of our cities, province and country are protecting us today with heavy hearts.

To our other provincial first-responders, our firefighters, paramedics, and the hospital employees who have responded to this unprecedented level of distress by focusing on their duties and commitment to serve - thank you.

The tragic loss of these three lives full of so much promise and potential in a normally peaceful, close-knit community is particularly unsettling.

The impacts of this senseless and callous tragedy will continue to be felt throughout the province.

When faced with tragedy, it is normal to feel bewildered and shocked.

It is important to reach out to our family, friends and neighbours to work through the grief and stress that these events have caused, and encourage people to express themselves.

Children, in particular, may have difficulties expressing their feelings and confusion.

When our students return to school, grief and trauma counselling by mental health professionals such as guidance counsellors, school psychologists and school social workers will be made available.

New Brunswickers feeling distressed or overwhelmed are encouraged to seek immediate assistance from Tele-Care services by dialing 811.

These services will be provided for as long they are needed.

The government continues to provide any and all support and resources required on the ground.

The scars of this tragedy will be with us for years to come, but like the motto of Moncton Resurgo, we will rise again.

I ask all New Brunswickers to join me in expressing our most sincere condolences to the Greater Moncton community, the RCMP and all families affected by this tremendous tragedy.

Messages of condolence for the fallen RCMP members can be sent to