Government of New Brunswick


Apprenticeship training is not available for this occupation.


An individual desiring certification as a journeyperson in New Brunswick, in the Forestry Equipment Operator (Forwarder) occupation is required to meet one of the criteria as stipulated in Board Order GC002 "Requirements to Obtain a Certificate of Qualification.

A person who has gained the equivalent of 4000 hours of practical experience in the Forestry Equipment Operator (Forwarder) occupation may apply for Certification. Successful candidates will receive a New Brunswick Certificate of Qualification.

For more information, please see the corresponding Board Order for this occupation, under Tasks, Activities and Functions of a Designated Occupation.


The forestry equipment occupation includes:
(a) the efficient and safe harvest of primary forest products;
(b) the operation of specialized heavy equipment to load,
transport and unload forest products at roadside while
maintaining mill specifications;
(c) following safe operating practices, environmental
protection practices, and related legislation;
(d) using navigational equipment to locate areas for harvest;
(e) identifying special interest areas and taking corrective
(f) being able to identify all tree species and product
(g) following the work order and executing the silvicultural
(h) monitoring job quality and product quality and taking
corrective action;
(i) performing machine equipment inspection, adjustment,
maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair;
(j) adjusting machine settings as necessary for proper machine
function according to operator skill;
(k) communicating effectively with the machine owner, forest
company personnel, coworkers, and visitors; and
(l) interpreting machine onboard computer information.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
  Certificate of Qualification Examination Examination250.001997-11-10
  Certificate of Qualification Examination Re-examination120.002013-04-01
  Certificate of Qualification based on "out-of-province journeyperson status"150.002012-08-01
  Replacement of Certification Documents20.002013-04-01
  Certificate of Qualification Challenger Assessment Fee100.002012-08-01
  Replacement of Phot Identification Card20.002012-08-01