Government of New Brunswick


The program provides funding to eligible businesses and organizations to train individuals who are being considered for an available job in their company and/or to improve the skills and opportunities of their new or existing employees. It is recognized that employee training is primarily the responsibility of the employer; however given the current labour market context in New Brunswick, the WorkingNB branch of the Department of Post-Secondary Education Training and Labour (PETL) wants to encourage employers to provide strategic training to their workforce as per the program’s criteria.


An Applicant should be an employer:
• Private sector;
• Non-profit organization*;
• First Nations
• Regional Service Commissions

The applicant’s place of business should normally be established in New Brunswick.

* Non-profit organizations that apply must provide a letter signed by a member of the Board of Directors with signing authority. The letter must outline (1) how they will dedicate their financial resources towards their share of the training cost (applicant’s contribution towards eligible training costs) and (2) demonstrate that their contribution is not based solely on government and/or private funding.

Training Participants
• A current employee or the owner of the company: The training participant must be employed by the applicant.
• A potential employee:
• Must be selected by the applicant.
• Must require training to obtain an available job with the applicant.
• The eventual job must be in N.B.

• Must be legally entitled to work in Canada.
• Must be working in N.B. on a permanent basis.

Training Type
• The training will result in the participant developing the necessary skills to attain, increase, improve and/or maintain labour market attachment.
• The training should address skill gaps.
• Training that is within 52 weeks or less in duration.
• Training that is required for an individual to perform the duties of an available job.

Training Costs
• Tuition fees or fees charged by a training provider
• Mandatory participant fees
• Mandatory textbooks, software or other required materials
• (Ex: Software developed for training purpose. Software developed in order to teach training participants how to use new equipment)
• Examination fees directly related to the training
• Training provider’s travel costs

**Work tools that could be used by an employee to perform his / her daily work tasks are not eligible (Ex: a computer).

***Harmonized Sales Taxes related to training costs are not eligible.

Training Providers
• Third party training providers must be separate and distinct from the business/organization.

• Must be received prior to training start date.
• Must be assessed and approved prior to training start date.


• The applicant must financially contribute towards the eligible training costs. The contribution amount is based on the Department level of funding.
• The minimum eligible cost per training is $500.
• The maximum government contribution per employer, per region, per fiscal year is $40,000.
• Applicants may receive funding contributions from other federal and/or provincial departments and/or the private sector towards the training provided that:
The funding is not for the same total costs eligible under the Labour Force Training program; and/or
The funding is not being used by the applicant towards their contribution.
• The applicant must not request participants to pay for the training cost.

Business/organizations are encouraged to contact WorkingNB regional office before applying.