Government of New Brunswick

The New Brunswick Post-Secondary Opportunities Fund was established to match monies institutions raise for need-based bursaries. The $1M per year provincial contribution is used to encourage donations from the private sector to create endowment funds to provide scholarships and bursaries for New Brunswick students in financial need who attend public universities and community colleges in New Brunswick. With donations of $2M from the private sector, this means a potential of $3M will be added each year to the endowment funds.



Provincial Matching Contributions

Depending on the contributions coming from the private sector, universities could be allocated up to $750,000 per year, with the community colleges obtaining $250,000 in provincial matching contributions. The university initiative will be designated the New Brunswick University Opportunities Fund (NBUOF) and the community college initiative, the New Brunswick Community College Opportunities Fund (NBCCOF).

The New Brunswick Community College Opportunities Fund (NBCCOF)  

This fund is reserved for bursaries distributed by each campus of the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), the Collège communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick (CCNB) and the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design (NBCCD).

Criteria are set individually by each campus and the bursary is primarily for students with financial need.

Students admitted into a program at the NBCC, CCNB or NBCCD must communicate with Student Services of their campus.

Please note that the following relates to the university initiative only.

The New Brunswick University Opportunities Fund

In order for an individual to be considered eligible to receive a NBUOF scholarship/bursary, he/she must be able to fulfill the following requirements:

  • be enrolled or planning to enrol in a full-time or part-time undergraduate, graduate or professional program of study at a public New Brunswick university that is eligible to receive NBUOF matching contributions;
  • be in "financial need" in accordance with the policies that govern such awards at the institution in question;
  • be a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada (landed immigrant); and
  • be able to fulfill New Brunswick Student Financial Services guidelines for provincial residency status at the time of receipt of the award.

When applying for provincial, federal or institutional financial assistance, NBUOF scholarships/bursaries may be considered as a resource/income.

Donations Eligible for Provincial Matching Contributions to the NBUOF:

Donations from the private sector that are considered eligible for provincial matching contributions under NBUOF during 2023-2024 must be receipted on or after January 1, 2022 and before February 28, 2024, and can include the following:

  • cash donations;
  • in-kind donations that have been converted into cash;
  • those portions of a multi-year funding pledge which are received by the institution during the eligible reporting period for the NBUOF;
  • student or alumni association/union fees that have been identified for investment in NBUOF scholarships/bursaries, as long as these organizations have an executive committee whose officers are separate and distinct from administrative officials of the institution;
  • a student levy or other non-tuition related ancillary fee intended for investment in NBUOF endowments/trusts, as long as that expenditure is supported by a majority of student members through a vote or referendum; 
  • net proceeds of a fundraising event, lottery or raffle that complies with provincial regulations governing such events and is accompanied by a receipt or statement signed by the person responsible for the event.

    Please consult the guidelines and reports above for additional details.