Government of New Brunswick

As of September 1, 2014 employers are required, by law, to register with the provincial government if they employ foreign workers.


  • Must register current and newly-hired foreign workers
  • Must renew and update their registration annually
  • There is no fee to register with the Registry of Employers of Foreign Workers

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The Employment Standards Act provides minimum standards for all workers and employers in New Brunswick. The registry will enable the provincial government to raise awareness and better communicate about the rights and responsibilities of both foreign workers and their employers under the Employment Standards Act.

Failure to register in the Registry of Employers of Foreign Workers may result in administrative penalties.

It is important to note that penalties are not intended to be punitive but rather meant to enhance compliance and as a deterrent to noncompliance in prescribed provisions of the Act and its regulations.

Employers are prohibited from:

  • requiring foreign workers to use and pay an immigration consultant;
  • recovering ineligible recruitment and transportation costs from the foreign worker;
  • misrepresenting employment opportunities;
  • supplying false information about employer and employee rights and responsibilities;
  • preventing workers to vacate employer-provided accommodations for private accommodations;
  • reducing wages or changing any other terms or conditions of employment undertaken in the recruitment of a foreign worker;
  • threatening deportation; and
  • taking possession of a foreign worker’s identity documents (e.g., passport) and work permit.