Government of New Brunswick


Who we are

We assist New Brunswick employers through communication, consultation, education and by advising, representing them on issues related to WorkSafeNB. Our services are free, confidential and completely independent of WorkSafeNB.   


What we do

As your Advocates, we will:

  • Review your file from WorksafeNB.
  • Advise you on matters relating to WorkSafeNB and its policies, as well as the Workers’ Compensation Act and Regulations.
  • Advise you on your rights and obligations
  • Assist you in the interpretation of the Workers’ Compensation Act and its Regulations.
  • Review your classification, rate setting, experience rating and annual assessments.
  • Provide educational sessions regarding workers’ compensation policy, procedures, legislation, as well as the appeal process.
  • Represent you at the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Tribunal


When you contact us

  • Disagreement with a WorkSafeNB decision.
  • Questions or concerns arising from an injured worker’s claim.
  • Questions regarding WorkSafeNB procedures.
  • Questions regarding rates, classifications or notice of assessment assigned to your business.
  • Clarification on WorkSafeNB policies, legislation and your rights and responsibilities within this system.
  • When questioning the proper allocation of claim costs.
  • Appealing a WorkSafeNB decision.