Government of New Brunswick

Playaway is a small device similar to an MP3 player, which is preloaded with one audiobook, runs on one AAA battery, and provides navigation features such as fast forward/rewind, advance/rewind one track, adjust playback speed and bookmark the last place the device was stopped. Like audiobooks on CD, Playaways are created by the publisher and the book is read aloud by a professional narrator, an actor, or the author. To find Playaways in the New Brunswick Public Libraries catalogue, combine “and playaway” with an author, title, or keyword.


Audiobooks on CD

Audiobooks on CD are books read aloud by a professional narrator, an actor, or the author. Audiobooks on CD can be searched in the New Brunswick public libraries catalogue by combining an author, title, or keyword and selecting the “audiobooks” radio button. Note: you will also retrieve audiobooks in Playaway format with this search. To eliminate Playaways from your search results, include “not playaway” in your search.


Large print

Large print books are printed in 16 point, or larger font. To find large print books in the New Brunswick public libraries catalogue, combine “and large print” with an author, title, or keyword.


DAISY books

With a DAISY book, users may search, place bookmarks, precisely navigate line by line, and regulate the speaking speed without distortion. DAISY books may also provide accessible tables, references and additional information to ensure that complex textual materials, such as textbooks or encyclopaedias that have charts and tables, may be rendered comprehensibly in audio format. There are three types of DAISY books:

  • Audio-only DAISY – most commonly used for recreational reading; employs human narration.
  • Text-only DAISY – has no audio recording; the text of the book is read with text-to-speech software.
  • Full-text, full-audio DAISY – includes both the text and the audio synchronized so the reader can listen to human or text-to-speech narration.

NB public libraries currently offer patrons access to DAISY audiobooks on CD as well as downloadable DAISY books from CELA.


DAISY players

If you do not have access to a computer or CD player, or you wish to take advantage of some of the special features that are built into DAISY discs, public libraries have some PLEXTALK Linio DAISY players available to loan. Patrons can borrow the players to listen to DAISY audiobooks or DAISY magazines that they can check out from the library, or download audiobooks directly to the player from the CELA website. In some libraries, patrons can even request DAISY players that come pre-loaded with up to 12 books. These titles may be related to a certain genre or theme, or be entirely of the patron’s choosing. 


Braille and print/braille

Braille is a system made up of raised dots combined to represent letters, words, and, ultimately, text. Print/braille books combine standard print with braille to make the same text enjoyable by users who read braille and users who read standard print. NBPLS has a small collection of braille and print/braille books. To find braille and print/braille books in the New Brunswick public libraries catalogue, combine author, title, or keyword with “braille” or “print/braille.” Additional braille books, including electronic braille are available to you through to your local public library thanks to CELA and BAnQ (SQLA).


Described video

Described videos are movies with audio descriptions of scenes, actions, and characters. DVD and VHS formats are available and play on a standard player. NBPLS has a small collection. To find a described video in the New Brunswick Public Libraries catalogue, enter “described video”. 


Canadian Reference Centre (with text-to-speech support)
The Canadian Reference Centre combines Canadian magazines, newspapers & newswires and reference books to create the largest collection of regional full text content available to Canadian libraries. Text-to-speech support gives users the option of listening to a synthesized voice reading the text of Canadian Reference Centre entries. This feature only functions with English language content.

Online Library
The Online Library is a collection of eBooks, audiobooks and more that are available for download to your computer or a mobile device.

The TumbleBook Library is an online collection of animated, talking picture books available through a link on the NBPLS website. TumbleBooks combine animation, sound, music and narration with existing picture books to produce an electronic picture book which can be read, and/or listened to from your home computer or a computer at your library.

Tell Me a Story
Many wonderful stories are just a click or a phone call away with Tell Me a Story. This French language telephone and Internet-based service allows children to hear stories in multiple languages. It is offered at no charge to New Brunswickers by BAnQ (Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec) thanks to a partnership between BAnQ and the New Brunswick Public Library Service.

Ask your library for more details about alternative format materials.