Government of New Brunswick

In preparation for Cannabis legalization, the Government of New Brunswick passed the Cannabis Education and Awareness Fund Act (the Act). The fund will be supported by two percent of the gross sales of cannabis from suppliers to the provincial retailer, Cannabis NB.


New Brunswickers make informed, responsible choices about their cannabis use. This includes:  

  • Delaying the beginning of cannabis use
  • Choosing to consume lower risk cannabis products
  • Choosing to use cannabis in moderation
  • Choosing not to operate motor vehicles while consuming cannabis
  • New Brunswickers in vulnerable groups not consuming cannabis, and
  • Choosing not to consume cannabis when pregnant or breastfeeding.

Develop education and awareness initiatives, policies and programs that equip New Brunswickers with information that helps them make informed, responsible choices about their cannabis use. 


Undertake and/or fund research, develop information, and implement policies and programs that New Brunswickers can use to inform their responsible cannabis use choices.

Priorities for 2019-2020

Create Fund architecture including: guidelines, funding parameters, evaluation criteria including: 

  • Fund public awareness campaigns to help educate and create awareness of the responsible use of cannabis in the new legalized environment.
  • Identify knowledge gaps
  • Develop three-year plan
  • Call for applications
  • Fund initial research and programs
Guiding Principles:

Filling the Gap: 
Cannabis legalization is new to Canada and to New Brunswick. This means that, especially initially, there will be a lack of New Brunswick-specific information about purchasing and consuming cannabis legally and responsibly as well as on the implications and impacts of cannabis use. The fund will be able to help fill the gaps by targeting specific initiatives.  For example, it could fund surveys to be used as research tools or it could support the development of materials to promote responsible use of cannabis, either at point of sale or through other distribution channels such as social media.

Growing Knowledge:
The fund will enable researchers to investigate the best ways to attain the fund’s priorities and increase the knowledge of cannabis, its effects and its consumption in New Brunswick

Supporting Evidence Based Decisions:
It is important that New Brunswickers who choose to consume cannabis, or who are seeking information about cannabis, have access to reliable information. Making information relevant to target groups, such as university students, easily accessible and available when they need it, such as at point of sale, on the Cannabis NB website or through advertising, supports New Brunswickers’ ability to make informed decisions.

Empowering Stakeholders: 
Cannabis legalization affects all New Brunswickers. Some communities or groups may require a targeted approach to cannabis education and awareness programs. The fund will empower stakeholders to apply for grants to facilitate targeted education and awareness messaging and programs in line with the fund’s priorities.

Accountable and Transparent:  
The operations of the fund will be conducted in an open and transparent way and reported according to the requirements of the Act.