Government of New Brunswick

The EPP is a convenient voluntary payment plan that allows eligible homeowners to pay their annual property tax in twelve equal monthly payments without incurring a penalty. Monthly payments are automatically withdrawn from the homeowner’s chequing account from March to February, instead of a single annual payment. Property taxes for properties not on EPP are due and payable before the date indicated on the Tax Notice to avoid incurring late payment penalties. There is no administration fee to join the plan.

Who can participate in EPP

Homeowners can participate in the EPP providing the following conditions are met:

  1. the property must be their principal residence.
  2. the property must be in receipt of the Provincial Residential Property Tax Credit (full or partial).
  3. the property tax account must be paid in full (no tax arrears) at the time of application.
  4. the applicant must complete an EPP Application Form for direct withdrawal (in Canadian funds) from a chequing account at a Canadian bank or financial institution.
  5. the property taxes are not being paid by a mortgage company or financial institution.

How does the EPP work

Property taxes are billed in March, are due at the end of May and cover the period from January 1 to December 31 of each year. If you pay through EPP you do not need to worry about the payment deadline or incurring late payment penalties. The plan simplifies your budgeting by dividing your annual property tax amount into 12 equal monthly payments. These payments are automatically withdrawn from your bank account each month on a day you select between the 15th and the 28th of the month starting in March, with your account being paid in full after your February payment.

When you receive your annual Tax Notice in March of the following year your monthly payment will be adjusted to reflect the new total tax amount, ensuring your account is always paid in full.

EPP automatically continues from year to year, unless you contact us in writing to cancel.  If you cancel your EPP participation for any reason, including sale of the property, all unpaid taxes become due and payable and subject to interest and penalties.

Note: The plan is based on a 12-month period.  Depending on when your application is received, you may be required to make an initial payment equal to the missed payments up to the time your application is processed and the first payment is withdrawn from your account.


How to apply

Submit a completed application form along with a void cheque to the Finance and Treasury Board or at any Service New Brunswick Center.

To access the application, click “here”, call the Finance and Treasury Board, at   1-800-669-7070.  Forms can also be obtained by visiting any Service New Brunswick Centre or online at


Application Deadline

Although applications will be accepted until May 31st, the plan is for the March to February period. Depending on when your application is received, you may be required to make an initial payment equal to the missed payments up to the time your application is processed.



Should you require further information regarding the EPP, please contact the Finance and Treasury Board, Revenue Administration Division at 1-800-669-7070.