FREDERICTON (GNB) – The provincial government will establish a committee to meet and discuss significant audit matters. This implements a past recommendation of the auditor general.

“Our government is committed to the responsible management of our province’s finances, and to being transparent with the public when it comes to those finances,” said Finance Minister Cathy Rogers. “I believe an audit committee, which would meet throughout the year, will help us to move forward on both of these initiatives. The committee will provide information and recommendations to the auditor general.”

The committee will be chaired by the minister of finance and include the following members:

  • the president of the Treasury Board;
  • another minister to be designated by the lieutenant-governor in council;
  • the clerk of the executive council;
  • the deputy minister of finance;
  • the secretary to the Treasury board; and
  • the chief of staff to the premier.

The creation of an audit committee was recommended in the Auditor General Report, Volume 3, 2015, released in December 2015.