FREDERICTON (GNB) – The new Plan on Official Languages for the public service was unveiled today.

"Our government is proud to release our new Plan on Official Languages," said Energy and Mines Minister Donald Arseneault, who is also minister responsible for Official Languages. "The new plan sets out a series of measures designed to ensure equal use of our two official languages in the public service. We live in a unique province where official bilingualism has always been an important asset for us all."

The plan contains specific measures targeting the bilingual capacity of the senior public service, the language training program, updating of language of work and language of service policies, and the development of a response strategy to promote and develop New Brunswick’s language sector. The plan was developed taking into account the recommendations arising from the independent evaluation of the preceding plan and those of the commissioner of official languages, among others.

"The 2015 Government Plan on Official Languages indicates our government’s commitment to official bilingualism," said Arseneault. "It will help us to strengthen our public service and transform our status as the only officially bilingual province in Canada into a real competitive edge."

The Plan on Official Languages is in line with a continuous improvement process for the public service to enable the government to fulfil its obligations under the Official Languages Act, and was developed in accordance with the act’s new provisions adopted in 2013. It is part of the government’s commitment of respect for the two official language communities.