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This program is to provide public access to fuelwood on Crown lands in a manner consistent with the management of the forest for other timber products and uses.


General Public (minimum 18 years of age)


- Wood is subject to availability; not all fuelwood options may be available in a District.
- The permit holder must ensure that permit conditions are followed.
- Failure to follow permit conditions will result in the permit being cancelled.
- Harvesting is carried out at the sole risk of the permit holder.
- Anyone wishing to buy Crown fuelwood on a delivered basis is to contact a
contractor who was issued a Fuelwood Contractor permit. A list of eligible
contactors working under the Fuelwood Contractor option is available at your
local department office.

ROADSIDE CLEAN-UP (Fuelwood Option 1 Permit)
- Permits may be issued to individuals to obtain fuelwood from logging slash (tops, broken pieces, undersized trees, etc.) remaining after harvesting operations.
- Permittee may harvest logging slash at roadside and within the harvest block.
- Specific permit conditions will be provided at the time of permit issuance.
- The department does not guarantee the volume or quality of wood when issuing a permit.

How to apply:
- Visit your local District office to purchase a permit.
- Purchase a permit online using the link on this page. Please have your Outdoors Card Number and a valid email address ready, as well as a credit/debit card.

FUELWOOD CONTRACTORS (Fuelwood Option 3 Permit)
- Permits may be issued to fuelwood contractors to harvest fuelwood for resale.
- Intended to provide fuelwood to individuals who are not able to harvest their own wood or are interested in having wood delivered to their homes.
- The department will select areas where private contractors can harvest this wood.
- Standing wood on these areas will be sold by tender.
- The market price will be set by the contractor.
- The volume of wood associated with each tender may vary based upon interest.

The successful bidder will be issued a permit and will be responsible for:
- Access
- Harvesting
- Selling
- Delivery

How to apply:
- Districts will advertise available fuelwood tenders.
- Visit local District office to obtain fuelwood tender package.
- Complete package and return to the District office by date specified.
- Successful bidders will be notified and are required to obtain a harvest permit from the District prior to harvest commencement.

FUELWOOD STANDS (Fuelwood Option 4 Permit)
- Permits may be issued to individuals to harvest within designated fuelwood areas.
- Each household is limited to 14 cubic metres (approximately seven cords) each year.
- The permit is issued to the householder.
- The permit holder may have another individual harvest the wood on their behalf.
- Harvest equipment is limited to chainsaws and farm tractors or all-terrain vehicles.
- The use of industrial equipment (skidders, porters, harvesters) is not permitted.
- A copy of the permit must be on site at all times when harvesting; it must also accompany wood when in transit.
- Wood is provided on an "as is, where is" basis.

How to apply :
- Visit your local District office to determine wood availability.
- The District will provide a map of potential harvest blocks.
- The District will assign a fuelwood lot and issue a harvest permit.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
  Roadside Clean-up20.002009-04-01
  Fuelwood Contractors - Sold by tender or public auction2009-04-01
  Fuelwood Stands per m310.84 2023-07-09
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