Government of New Brunswick


The program provides cost-sharing funds to the seven Forest Product Marketing Boards for forest management plans and eligible silviculture treatments on private woodlots. The main objective is to encourage sustainable forest management which improves the amount of higher-value timber supply.


Privately owned property, as identified by the Parcel Identifier Number (PID), is to be 10 hectares or larger (see exceptions below) and not be held by a Crown timber licensee, sub-licensee or Crown Corporation.

A property of less than 10 ha is only eligible if:

• it is adjacent to other property owned by the same landowner, and is separated from that other property by a trail, road, railroad, utility corridor or highway, and, in conjunction with the other property, is a minimum of 10 hectares, OR
• it is > 5 ha and where the registered landowner agrees in writing to manage the property in a manner consistent with the time frame necessary to produce primary wood products.

There should be reasonable expectation that forest management plans and work approved under this program will enhance the volume and/or quality of forest products over at least a 10 year timeframe. Where site or stand conditions, or incidence of disease or insects, or landowner objectives suggest this expectation will not be met, properties are not eligible for this program.

For all activities included in this program, the minimum size work area is 0.2 hectares. Work blocks of less than 0.2 hectares included as part of a larger work area are not eligible.

Woodlot management plan recommendations are considered a treatment category and are available for eligible properties 10 hectares or larger only. To be eligible for funding an entire PID number property area must be included in the management plan.


The general objectives of this program are:

• to provide incentives for woodlot owners to consult with Forest Product Marketing Boards toward improving economic opportunities from greater volumes of higher-value timber;
• to direct available funds to the best sites, highest potential stands and most cost-effective treatments.

The program is voluntary and has been ongoing since 1998 in partnership with the New Brunswick Federation of Woodlot Owners and the New Brunswick Forest Products Commission. To be eligible, sites must meet certain criteria and treatment activities must be undertaken to produce results within specified requirements. Please refer to the Private Woodlot Silviculture Program Manual for details on criteria and requirements for this program.

Woodlot owners should contact the Forest Products Marketing Board for their area to learn what opportunities may exist for participation in this program.

Program funding levels are determined annually and funding is provided on the basis of a cost sharing arrangement with Forest Product Marketing Boards whereby the department contributes a percentage of the estimated total treatment cost, or base rate. The woodlot owner is expected to contribute the remainder of the total treatment cost.

The base rates for forest management plans and eligible silviculture treatment categories include the estimated costs to perform the work as well as Marketing Board administrative costs. Base rates and cost sharing percentages for the program may be adjusted as required and address both regular forest and farmland reclamation treatments.

Woodlot owners should contact the Forest Products Marketing Board for their area(see related links) to learn what opportunities may exist for participation in this program.