Government of New Brunswick


Landowners may post their property to restrict or prohibit hunting, shooting, snaring or trapping within the posted area. Landowners must use either printed word signs, or 25-centimetre colored circular disks, or painted 25-centimetre-wide bands. These are available from Infor Inc. and not the Province of New Brunswick, although we do provide the contact information below.


Landowners must use either printed word signs or 25-centimetre colored circular disks or painted 25-centimetre-wide bands around trees. Signs, disks or bands must be placed at each corner and access point and at intervals not to exceed 100 meters along the entire boundary of the posted area.


Yellow disks or yellow painted bands allow hunting, shooting, trapping or snaring by permission only.

Red disks or red painted bands mean no hunting, shooting, trapping or snaring by anyone including the owner.

Blue disks are used on agricultural lands and prohibit the use of motorized vehicles.

Other facts: Landowners posting land with printed word signs will specify ‘No shooting’, ‘No hunting’, ‘No trapping’, ‘No snaring’ or any combination thereof and whether such activity is prohibited or by permission only. It is illegal to tear down, remove, damage, deface or cover up a sign, disk or band that has been posted. It is unlawful to trespass with a motor vehicle on lands that are properly posted.

The New Brunswick Maple Sugar Producers are no longer selling the discs . Flexiway Products is now the sole provider of marking discs in the Province at:

Flexiway Products
1130A Route 620 Fredericton