Government of New Brunswick


The licensing, establishment and operation of Pheasant Preserves on private land in New Brunswick.


Individuals may apply for a licence to establish and operate Pheasant Preserves, provided that they are not on Crown Lands. All pheasant preserves must be surveyed and a plan showing the area of the pheasant preserve forwarded with the application. The costs of surveys and plans are borne by the applicant. Individuals raising pheasants or any other gallinaceous game bird must be the holder of a Game Bird Farmer's Licence.


Individuals may operate pheasant preserves and issue Pheasant Preserve Hunting licences to hunters on those preserves on private land in New Brunswick, provided they meet all criteria stated in the Act and Regulation. Licences expire on March 31st of each year.


Unless otherwise specified, Fees exclude the harmonized sales tax (HST).

Fee DescriptionRate in $Effective Date
Class 1 
  Area not less than 40 hectares nor more than 200 hectares (including water)37.502012-01-01
Class 2 2012-01-01
  Area not less than 200 hectares nor more than 400 hectares (including water)150.002012-01-01
Pheasant Preserve Hunting Licence1.502012-01-01
Game Bird Farmer's Licence15.002012-01-01