FREDERICTON (GNB) – People who hunt large game now have another option available to register their harvested animals.

Hunters who harvest deer, moose or bears can now register the harvested animal online, as long as they are able to print and sign the document, making the process significantly more convenient for them.

“We want to encourage New Brunswickers to take part in outdoor activities, like hunting,” said Natural Resources and Energy Development Minister Mike Holland. “We also want to make it easier to participate in these activities. Being able to register your big game animal harvests online is a big step towards making the process less complicated for hunters.”

To register their harvest online, hunters will need their printed hunting licence. Once the registration is complete, the hunter can choose to have either an electronic copy of their registration permit emailed a paper copy sent to them by mail.

In addition, hunters who harvest a moose or bear will be required to collect a tooth from the animal and deliver it to an office of the Department of Natural Resources and Energy Development within 14 days of registration. More information on tooth collection is available online.