FREDERICTON (GNB) – New Brunswick hunters should apply now for one of the 4,592 moose licences that will be available for the 2015 hunt.

The deadline to apply is June 12. The season runs Sept. 22-26.

Applications for a moose licence can be made by:

  • calling 1-900-565-1500, callers will have the application fee billed to the number they call from;
  • calling toll-free 1-888-922-3729, the application fee will be billed to the caller's Visa or MasterCard account;
  • in person at an authorized vendor or any Service New Brunswick centre.

The cost of applying for a moose licence remains unchanged at $9.38 (HST included) using the telephone, online options, or if applying in person at a vendor or Service New Brunswick centre.

Hunters have until closing time on June 12 to apply for the draw in person; until 8 p.m. the same day to apply by phone; and until midnight to apply online.

More detailed information can be found on the department’s website as well as all department offices, vendors and Service New Brunswick centres.

The results will be available July 6.

The hunt this fall will use the new pool system introduced four years ago.

Under the system, applicants move into a new pool for every five years they have applied unsuccessfully to the moose draw since 1994, where their number of ballots in the draw would triple.

The Department of Natural Resources is moving away from the use of Medicare cards to apply for the moose draw in 2016.

As such, New Brunswick resident moose draw history (if applicable) can be linked on a voluntarily basis to an e-licensing profile if the Medicare, Department of National Defense or RCMP number is provided. This allows for a previous resident moose draw application history to be kept for the purpose of maintaining the priority pool.

During registration for the new Outdoors Card, applicants will be asked to provide their Medicare, Department of National Defense or RCMP number. Applicants do not have to link their New Brunswick resident moose draw history during registration. Those who apply can link to their history at any time by accessing their profile and providing the required information. If they wish to maintain their draw history, it must be done before the end of the resident moose draw application period.

Individual zone quotas are adjusted on an annual basis. Quotas by wildlife management zone (WMZ) are:

WMZ            Licences

1                  129

2                  403

3                  370

4                  380

5                  242

6                  333

7                  340

8                  216

9                  64

10                84

11                281

12                232

13                88

14                90

15                127

16                184

17                160

18                127

19                61

20                181

21                130

22                94

23                182

24                41

25                53

26                closed

27                closed