Government of New Brunswick

Be alert!

Eurasian water-milfoil (Myriophyllum spicatum) is present in the Madawaska River and throughout the Saint John River. This submersed aquatic plant creates dense mats that interfere with recreational activity. It out-competes native plants which negatively impacts our fish and wildlife. This invasive plant can spread when fragments cling to boats, motors and trailers and are moved to new areas. Please do not pass through mats of vegetation and follow the guidelines below when moving from one waterbody to another. (Note: Some water-milfoils are native to New Brunswick.)


  • Feather-like leaves arranged in whorls of 3 to 6 around the stem (4 leaves most common) 
  • Whorls are openly spaced (1 cm or more) on long spaghettilike stems 
  • Average 12 to 24 leaflet pairs per leaf 
  • Tip of the plant will be reddish in colour and small reddish flowers appear above the water surface in mid-summer


Every time you move from one body of water to another, aquatic invasive species may travel with you. You can help! Please do the following:

  • Inspect and remove all visible aquatic plants, animals and mud from canoes, kayaks, jet skis, boats, motors, trailers, etc. 
  • Drain all the water from your boat, including the live well, bilge, and motor. 
  • Wash watercraft with high-pressure or hot water or dry for 5 days. 
  • Check, clean, and dry all personal gear, including waders, fishing lines and lures. 
  • Dispose of unused bait responsibly. 
  • Never release plants, fish or other animals into a body of water unless they came out of that water!