Government of New Brunswick

Damage Prevention and Control Methods


  • Screen eaves, vents, windows, doors, and other openings with 1/4-inch (0.6-cm) mesh hardware cloth
  • Change angle of roosting ledge to 45 or more
  • Attach porcupine wires to roosting sites
  • Install electrical shocking device on roost sites
  • Construct parallel or grid-wire (line) systems


  • Only in accordance with the Criminal Code of Canada and Provincial Fish & Wildlife Act.


  • Visual and auditory frightening devices are usually not effective over long periods of time.


  • Several live trap designs are effective.

Habitat Modification

  • Eliminate food supply. Discourage people from feeding pigeons in public areas. Clean up spilled grain around elevators, feed mills, and railcar clean-out areas. Eliminate standing water.

Other Methods

  • Nest removal.